Welcome to The Accountability Success Circle

A FUN collective of AMAZING people focused on living a productive, passionate, and playful life!

About Us

The Accountability Success Circle is a networking and accountability support group that helps people productively accomplish personal and professional goals while prioritizing a passion-filled, meaningful, fun, and healthy lifestyle.

Our community kicks off an annual cycle with an annual planning event prior to the start of each calendar year. In this annual planning event, we facilitate a whole-life review and visioning process, covering all elements of of the "wheel of life": Career, Money, Health and Wellness, Family, Social Relationships, Intimate Relationships, Fun, and Personal Development. Once the vision is set and the "what" and "why" determined, we then start discussing the "how" of getting you from point A to B. We do this by creating structures and flexible project plans, and work toward embedding these structures and plans into our every day lives.

The remainder of the year is focused on taking intentional actions in alignment with the annual plan and personal values. Celebrating progress, navigating roadblocks, and crafting new or adjusted plans as needed throughout the year - and doing so with a community of individuals that makes sure you know you're not doing it alone.

The foundation of our community is based upon a strong connection to personal core values. As such, many of our community members share overlapping values. The top core values of the Accountability Success Circle are: 

Connection: a feeling of belonging, support, and being grounded to our highest priorities and values.

Freedom: embracing the ability to be completely self-expressed, authentic, and living a life our our own choosing. 

Growth: always focused on bettering ourselves a little bit each day.

Possibility: staying open-minded and flexible to allow the best opportunities to come to us

Playfulness: what's the point of doing anything in life if it's not FUN?!

Some of the other guiding values for our community include but are not limited to: abundance, adventurousness, consistency, creativity, curiosity, happiness, harmony, humility, joy, liveliness, physical/emotional/mental/spiritual health, richness, self-care, and self-love.

We are a community that is focused not on what we do, but who we are: driven and motivated to accomplish things that bring joy to ourselves and those we love, passionate about living with intention rather than what society and judgment dictate for us, and may resonate with the following labels: empaths, multipotentialites, recovering perfectionists and recovering people pleasers, and best of all, self proclaimed "weirdos," :)

If all the above is calling to you and you're interested in accomplishing your goals with support, structure, and LOTS of fun, please join us!

But first, a word from our founders:

What started as a mini-mastermind called the "BFD," accountability partners Apryl Schlueter (The Cheerful Mind, Inc.) and Gary Ware (Breakthrough Play) have been working side-by-side in their own entrepreneurial pursuits for many years, motivating each other to make progress in their respective businesses and personal lives, all while having a ton of fun. Their common mantra of "having more fun while getting stuff done" has contributed largely to their successes in helping others lead productive lives with passion and play.

Apryl created The Accountability Success Circle in 2017, and had a vision of cultivating and growing an amazing community of people, juggling a variety of personal and professional goals. The common thread of each member of the community would not be the goals, but rather the character of the individual: a passionate, caring person committed to personal growth, helping others, deep connection, being authentic, and most importantly, having fun. While the community members identify as  high achievers who have many aspirations and goals, the community members wouldn't ascribe to the "hustle" model of working - while it is important to work hard, and it feels good to accomplish things, it is way more important to focus on WHAT MATTERS MOST in order to live a successful life on our own terms.

And knowing that life is way more fun in collaboration, Apryl asked Gary to join her to form the ASC Success Team.... the rest is history...


Let’s be HONEST… Is this YOU?

Do you know deep inside you are capable of a deeper, more passionate and meaningful life – if only you could stay focused and consistent on creating what you want?

Are you tired of watching others accomplish goals and wonder when it's going to be your turn to shine?

Are you ready to finally shift your mindset from a painful hustle to having more fun while getting stuff done?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, KEEP READING!

To create the life you want, you must learn to prioritize what matters most, and to take the consistent steps to move you forward while HAVING FUN IN THE PROCESS!

If you are craving community, mentorship/coaching support, and cheerleading to step into your best life...your solution is in The Accountability Success Circle!

The Accountability Success Circle is a community that includes people who:

  • Have strong desires to accomplish goals and a lifestyle they are passionate about
  • Are multi-passionate in their interests and strengths and want to embrace the "juggle"
  • Loves to help others, but want to be mindful about placing their own needs and desires high on their priority list too
  • Favor deep connection with others over surface level relationships
  • Understand that personal growth is a journey, and are in it for the long haul
  • Don't want to conform to the societal definition of success - they want to be authentic and fully-self expressed in their own definition
  • Stay open-minded and are willing to dive into vulnerability
  • Acknowledge that there are many different paths to finding solutions to problems and challenges
  • Are committed to fun, laughter, being silly, and lots of play!
  • Are thrilled to be in community with others who also are committed to living their full potential!

In this community you can:

  • Identify an Annual Vision to create the life you want in the coming year, with benchmarks every quarter
  • Explore Monthly Themes that help transform WHO YOU ARE as a person and HOW YOU WORK so that you can be truly engaged and empowered in your life and career
  • Watch Monthly Live Webinars to dive deeper into life/business topics, including occasional Guest Speakers
  • Join a Global Virtual Think Tank and celebrate wins, receive support, and share ideas 24/7
  • Enjoy Weekly Challenges that enhance your personal development, networking skills, and productivity in all areas of life
  • Brainstorm Ideas to streamline your life while also problem solving different ways to make progress on your goals
  • Craft Detailed Action Plans that are in line with your personal values and keep you motivated
  • Track and Improve Daily Habits and Routines, overcoming inertia and procrastination
  • Shift to and Maintain a Positive Mindset, the key to forward movement no matter where you are in your process
  • Have Strong Accountability to your Goals from both mentors and a community of like-minded people
  • Optimize your Work-Life Balance and feel less overwhelm
  • Gain Tools and Techniques to keep the fun going in your life and work!